• . We produce videos in HD format during journalists trip or by our own.
    . These videos are digitized and stored on https://vdotrip.com first video site tour professional. In French and in English for now some of them.
    . From vdotrip, you can copy and paste code to insert the video on a website or blog. With video, a link to Sponsor’s website (yours for example). This link follows this video on all sites of bloggers who copy the video.
  • From Vdotrip, you can download some videos on a nomad video reader (Iphone,Ipod,Psp,Archos,Sony video Walkman)
  • From vdotrip, you can download some videos as VOD.
  • . We send this video to ViaMichelin. The video then will mention “This video is brought to you by (company name or site address).
  • . The video refers to a fact sheet or different elements can be downloaded (pdf, information ,…).

The cost for making a video is 1500 euros. Its display and accommodation is at least a year.
Each year an update is performed. These videos can be distributed over time (eg Charles Bridge will not change next year).

If you want to communicate to other linguistic groups, it will cost 500 euros per version. We can also your videos into any portal ViaMichelin. If you are on a POI of their green guides
From 2 POI, the cost of the video POI is 1000 euros.

You ‘ll have a HD a copy of the video (Mini DV, DVD, Blue Ray).

Permits to film and broadcast must be obtained and provided by the sponsor

Videos can be sponsored by any operator (other than those excluded by ViaMichelin betting site, tobacco, map, producer GPS, tire manufacturers, … for their portal).

I remain at your disposal to implement a solution tailored to your request, I am prepared to meet or communicate such information to other partners who could participate in such transactions (hotels, restaurants, rental cars, airline …).